Palletising and depalletising with robots simplifies and accelerates production processes, lowers costs and increases capacities at the same time.

By combining various systems and technologies, we at Baier Engineering in Schwäbisch Hall have succeeded in developing a solution that meets these complex requirements.

Our control system for robot palletising enables different objects with different surfaces in different containers to be easily handled by the robots. Of course, we keep an eye on the profitability and utilisation of the plant capacity as well as on the entire production process.

Palletising of 10 kg and 25 kg sacks

Robots can be used to palletise crates, drums, canisters, buckets and many other products. Here, Baier Engineering built a complete system for the Lang quartz sand factory in Gschwend, just one of over 100 successful robot projects, for stacking 10 kg and 25 kg sacks of cat litter on pallets.

Have you got products to stack that are still transported by hand? Ask us – we will almost certainly have a solution and will be happy to take the time for a personal consultation.

Bucket palletising

Different containers (in this case buckets with 1 kg, 2.5 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg) were to be palletised.
First the pallets had to be separated from a stack, unstacked and depalletised. In addition, an interlayer is used, depending on the product, that is also taken from a stack. The buckets arrive sorted by size on a conveyor belt. The buckets are then sorted and pre-positioned according to buckets with and without handles. The robot from Baier Engineering first unstacks the stacked euro pallets or industrial pallets from the palletising belt using a gripper individually adapted to our customer’s application. The robot then stacks the buckets on the pallet in a cycle time of approx. 3 seconds per bucket using the energy-efficient individual gripper.

When the stacking pattern required by the customer has been stacked, the robot inserts an interlayer fully automatically. Once the pallet has been stacked, the whole cycle starts again from the beginning. If there is a product change (e.g. from 1 kg to 10 kg buckets), however, the robot changes the gripper patented by Baier Engineering fully automatically within a few seconds.

Our energy-efficient individual grippers are suitable
for a very wide range of products:

Buckets, sacks from 5 to 50 kg, bottles, reels, canisters, cartons, trays, drums, small load carriers, crates, stones, flowpacks, tubes, bales, cans – and many more.