Palletising and de-palletising using robots simplifies and speeds up production processes, reduces costs and also increases capacity as well.

At Baier Engineering in Schwäbisch Hall we have managed – through a combination of various systems and technologies – to develop a solution which meets these complex requirements.

Robots can handle various objects with different surfaces in a variety of containers without any problem thanks to our control system for robot palletisation. Here we pay just as much attention to profitability and maximum utilisation of system capacity as we do to the overall workflow of the production process.

Palletisation of 25/10 kg sacks

Palletisation using robots is possible using crates, barrels, canisters, buckets and many more products. Here Baier Engineering built a complete system for Lang quartz sand works in Gschwend for stacking cat litter in sacks of 10 kg and 25 kg on pallets – just one of over one hundred successful robot projects.

Do you stack products but still transport them manually? Ask us: we are sure to have a solution and will be pleased to take time to advise you in person.

Bucket palletisation

The task is to palletise different containers (in this case, buckets each containing 1 kg/2.5 kg/3 kg/5 kg/10 kg).
The pallets are first to be removed individually from a stack and de-palletised. Depending on the product, an intermediate layer, which is also taken from a stack, is placed in position. The buckets are sorted according to type, based on size, and are placed on a conveyor. At the same time, the buckets are sorted and, depending on the bucket, positioned in front with or without a handle.
Baier Engineering's robot first stacks the euro and industrial pallets on the palletising conveyor, using the gripper adapted individually for our customer's application. The robot then stacks the buckets at a cycle time of approx. three seconds per product: this is carried out by the energy-efficient individual gripper.
Once the stack profile specified by the customer has been stacked, the robot places an intermediate layer in position as part of a fully automatic operation. If the pallet stacking is complete, the entire cycle starts again from the beginning. If a different product type is stacked (e.g. from 1 kg to 10 kg buckets), the robot changes the grippers fully automatically within a few seconds: these are grippers patented by Baier Engineering.

Our customised energy-efficient grippers are suitable for a wide range of different products.

Buckets, Sacks, Goods in sacks of 5 to 50 kg, Bottles, Rolls, Canisters, Cartons, Trays, Barrels, Small load carriers, Crates, Stones, Flowpacks, Tubes, Bales, Cans, and many other types.